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Bursera Graveolens, known as Palo Santo, is a tree with extraordinary properties.
Himalaya has introduced a line entirely dedicated to this splendid plant: a natural incense with an unmistakable scent!


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Bursera Graveolens, commonly known as Palo Santo, is a tree found in Central and South America. Its name derives from a peculiarity linked to its flowering, which takes place on Christmas day.

Paolo Santo is usually offered in the form of an aromatic stick.
To release its properties it is sufficient to burn the tip, until you get a little embers and the characteristic fragrant smoke.

References available:

- Palo Santo wood (pack of 5 pcs and 1 kg);

- Cones of Palo Santo 6 pcs;

- Palo Santo Chips 50 g;

- Palo Santo sticks 7 pcs;

- Essential oil of Palo Santo 10 ml.

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The line is proposed in a practical display.

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Soy wax and coconut oil candles, with pure Palo Santo essential oil. Soy wax respects the environment, is biodegradable and releases an intense aroma. It burns evenly, has a lower melting point and therefore a longer duration than paraffin and does not release soot, preserving the quality of the air. Made with pure natural soy wax, without the addition of dyes and wooden wick.

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