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​The Fer à Cheval brand boasts over 160 years of experience in the production of Marseille soap, according to the ancient original recipe.
Himalaya offers you exclusively the products of this wonderful soap factory, a symbol of quality and respect for tradition.


Sapone Marsiglia Fer à Cheval

Savonnerie Fer à Cheval, with its 160 years of experience, has handed down the Marseille soap recipe to its master soap makers for generations. The factory produces its products, fundamental in Marseille's history, respecting the ancient tradition, with care and attention to detail and final quality. In the nineteenth century it was customary to give soap factories a name that evoked happiness and was an omen of good luck. With the Fer à Cheval (horseshoe) brand, represented by the symbol with seven nails, success and good luck were assured.

Today the company still enjoys this fortune, remaining the oldest Marseille soap factory on the market.

The saponification takes place in old boilers, according to the ancient five-step method, following the recipe certified by the Colbert edict in 1688 and consolidated by the Napoleon Bonaparte decree of 1812. It is from this method that the fame and fortune of this wonderful soap in the world. The company is also a founding member of the UPSM (Union des Professionnels du Savon de Marseille), which certifies the authenticity of Marseille soap. All the soaps in the line are based on vegetable oils, free of chemical additives, preservatives, dyes, fragrances and added animal fats. Hypoallergenic, biodegradable and with recyclable packaging, they are friends of man and the environment.


The cube is the most classic form in which Marseille soap is presented.
It has countless uses and the vintage charm of the Marseille tradition.

The cubes are available in 100, 300 and 600 g in the OLIVE or VEGETAL version.

Cubi Marsiglia Fer à Cheval


They are available in 100 and 250 g in the OLIVE or VEGETAL version.

Saponette Marsiglia Fer à Cheval

SLICES of 125 g:

Another of the properties of Marseille soap is to keep moths away.
The particular format of this soap makes it perfect for hanging in wardrobes or closets.

Tranci Marsiglia Fer à Cheval


The line is completed with extra savings formats, for the most demanding consumers of Marseille soap.
The bars are offered in two formats, 1 kg and 2 kg, the first divided into six blocks and the second to be cut according to needs. The flakes are contained in a special 750 g bag.


Barre Marsiglia Fer à Cheval
Scaglie Marsiglia Fer à Cheval
Blocco Marsiglia Fer à Cheval
Barre Marsiglia Fer à Cheval


Hypoallergenic, without perfumes and dyes, this liquid soap is designed to limit the risk of allergies. Gently cleanses and is ideal for sensitive skin. It is an excellent alternative in case of intolerance to synthetic soaps and detergents.

Formulated with coconut oil in kettles and naturally enriched with glycerin, it preserves the hydrolipidic balance of the skin, keeping it soft and naturally hydrated.

It does not contain chemical surfactants, parabens or preservatives.

Liquid soap is presented in two alternatives:

VEGETAL (500 ml) AND OLIVES (500 ml - 1 L).
The second in two formats and enriched with olive oil, gently cleanses leaving a pleasant fragrance on the skin.
It does not contain chemical surfactants, parabens or preservatives.

Sapone Liquido Marsiglia Fer à Cheval
Sapone Liquido Marsiglia Fer à Cheval
Accessori Marsiglia Fer à Cheval


scented line

Fer à Cheval sapone di Marsiglia - linea profumata

Characteristics of the scented line:

• Liquid and solid soaps that gently cleanse and respect the balance of the skin.

Ideal for hands and body and suitable for all skin types.
• Formulas enriched with emollient vegetable oils (Argan, sweet almonds and shea butter).
• Elegant fragrances formulated exclusively for Fer à Cheval, to gently cleanse and leave the skin delicately perfumed.
• A delicate formulation without petrochemical surfactants such as ALS, SLS, PEG, preservatives
    petrochemicals such as EDTA or parabens, synthetic dyes, CMR (non-carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction) and animal fats.
• A certified production "Origine France Garantie".
• Quality at an affordable price.

The line offers 16 products:

Soaps with Argan oil:
    4 fragrances (Rose Petals, Lavender, Olive Flowers, Fig Leaves),
    4 liquid and 4 solid soaps.

Soaps with sweet almond oil:
    4 fragrances (White Tea and Yuzu, Honey and Almond, Water Mandarin, Sea Cedar),
    4 liquid and 4 solid soaps.


Fer à Cheval sapone di Marsiglia - linea profumata



Marseille soap is known for its ability to remove stains and soften the laundry. Effective even at low temperatures on the most stubborn stains, it respects colors and gives a spring freshness to linen and clothing. Its unique formula, hypoallergenic and biodegradable, has been developed to minimize the risk of allergies: the composition involves the use of 99% natural ingredients, non-carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction (CMR).


Concentrated liquid laundry soap is a safe and economical choice and provides 40 washes in the washing machine, starting at 30 ° C.

The soap for the cloths is instead proposed in two different formats, specifically designed to guarantee a perfect grip and facilitate its application.

Available in sizes:

- 2 L liquid;

- 300 g cloth soap;

- 150g cloth soap (bar).


Liquid dish soap combines the ability to dissolve fat with the delicacy on the skin of Marseille soap. Its concentrated formula, flavored with olive oil, makes the dishes shine without leaving any trace.    
Floor soap is recommended for all washable surfaces, effectively removes grease and dirt, leaving them clean and pleasantly scented.

Allergen-free, they have been developed to minimize the risk of allergies and formulated with 99% natural ingredients that are non-carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction (CMR).

Sapone per bucato Fer à Cheval
Sapone per bucato Fer à Cheval
Sapone per piatti e sapone per pavimenti Fer à Cheval


The anti-limescale spray is an effective "four in one" product: it cleans, disinfects, deodorizes and removes limescale from bathrooms, toilets, sinks and taps.
Its formulation combines the effectiveness of vinegar against limescale with the disinfectant properties of organic acid derived from sugar.

The multi-use spray is ideal for deeply removing dirt and grease and making all washable surfaces shiny (worktop, hob, refrigerator, bathroom ...).

Allergen-free, they have been developed to minimize the risk of allergies and formulated with 99% natural ingredients that are non-carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction (CMR).


Spray Fer à Cheval


Black soap is an eco-friendly, multi-use cleaner.
A small dose of product is sufficient to thoroughly clean, degrease, nourish and polish all surfaces, internal or external. Obtained from olive oil, it does not contain preservatives, dyes or perfumes.

Available in sizes:

- 1 L liquid;

- 500 ml liquid;

- 1 Kg mousse;

- 500 g mousse.


Sapone Nero Fer à Cheval
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