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Himalaya dedicates an entire line to the well-being of the body and mind. Combs, sponges, brushes and English salt to relieve stress and muscle tension, at home as in a spa!




The loofah is a plant belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family, from its dried fruits a completely vegetable and eco-sustainable sponge is obtained.
Cultivation and production do not threaten the environment in any way and loofah sponges are completely biodegradable, unlike those made with the use of synthetic materials. The loofah fibers generate a beneficial exfoliating effect, which regenerates the skin and prepares it for subsequent treatments. They are very useful for cleansing, with a considerable saving of the detergents used, but also for the application of vegetable oils. If used wet they are softer and also suitable for sensitive skin, while using them dry you get a greater exfoliating effect, ideal for removing dead cells and impurities. They are also ideal for house cleaning and dishwashing, they can be rinsed and squeezed easily, they last a long time and do not get moldy.

Luffa Piccola 2.png
Small Luffa
Luffa Dischetti 2.png
Floppy disks
Luffa Cuscinetto.png
Luffa Fascia 2.png
Luffa Scrubber.png
Luffa Naturale Spazzola
Luffa Guantone.png
Luffa Naturale grande
Big Luffa


Sisal is a fiber of plant origin extracted from the leaves of the sisalana agave, a succulent plant of the Agavaceae family, native to Yucatàn in Mexico. Much appreciated for its biodegradability, it is resistant and completely natural. The sisal sponges effectively cleanse the skin, improving its appearance and radiance. Its fibers offer an energetic and invigorating massage capable of reactivating blood circulation, counteracting water retention and exfoliating the epidermis by eliminating dead cells. They are also ideal for areas prone to calluses, corns and ingrown hairs. Sisal, together with other plant materials, is one of the most valid alternatives to products of synthetic and artificial origin.

Sisal Naturale Fascia Cilindrica
Sisal Naturale Spazzola Giapponese
Japanese brush
Sisal Guanto.png
Japanese brush
Spazzola anti-cellulite
Anti-cellulite brush


Brushing frees the skin of impurities, favoring the disposal of toxins, and stimulates lymphatic drainage, reactivating circulation. Skin tone improves and increases general well-being.  These wonderful brushes are proposed by Himalaya in two variants: body brush with removable handle and nail brush with two different inclinations of the bristles. They can be used dry, for dry brushing, or with soap and water, for classic cleansing.

Spazzola setole naturali.png
Natural bristle brush
Spazzolino Cactus.png
Toothbrush cactus
Spazzola con Pomello.png
Brush with knob


Three completely natural fibers, with which these unique high quality sponges are made. A way to rediscover the pleasure of hygiene in harmony with the environment.

Guanti BioEssenze



The sea sponge is a precious gift for face and body care, an indispensable ally of the skin that naturally contains iodine, effective in purifying it. But be careful, not all sea sponges are the same, the difference is where they come from. We offer two types of sponges from the Mediterranean Sea: Fine Dama quality and Archipelago quality. Fine Dama sponges are characterized by small pores, particularly suitable for babies, sensitive skin and the elderly. They are also suitable for applying liquid foundation and removing make-up. The Archipelago quality is characterized by medium pores with a more elastic structure able to resist over time, also suitable for sensitive skin and useful for more vigorous rubbing.

Spugna di mare Arcipelago.png
Fine Checkers
Spugna di mare Fine Dama.png


The Cotton Fioc Moods are made of bamboo wood and natural cotton. Completely plastic-free, biodegradable and compostable, they are friends of nature. A seemingly small choice, but one that can make the difference in the decrease in the consumption of plastic that is then poured into the ecosystem. Bamboo wood is resistant, long-lasting and comes from renewable sources. The Cotton Fioc can be used for different purposes: cleaning the face and ears, helping with makeup, manual work and cleaning small objects.

Cotton Buds - cotton fioc bamboo e cotone


Himalaya presents the Mood brand: a line of wood products for personal care, FSC certified. Eco-friendly, practical to use and long-lasting: they are ideal for everyday use and as gifts.
Brushing hair is a daily gesture that can only benefit our hair if we have the right ally in our hands. The right brush or the right comb must not be made of metal or plastic: the former tends to scratch the scalp and break the hair, while the latter breaks it and creates static electricity. The optimal material for caressing the hair is wood, because, being a natural conductor, it will facilitate the elimination of static electricity avoiding the much hated frizz effect. The brush should be flat and wide for long or medium straight hair and narrower or oval for short hair.

The natural wide-toothed pear wood comb is also perfect for applying beard oil or conditioner.


Eco-friendly products, environmentally friendly.

Spazzola Rettangolare.png
Spazzola Ovale.png


Pumice stone is a rock of volcanic origin, light and porous. It is very versatile and can be used for the removal of corns and calluses and for the exfoliation of dead cells in general. Eco Bath pumice stone is natural and available in two variants: white and black. The first, harder and rougher, comes from the Philippines, while the white, softer and smoother, comes from Central Anatolia.

Pietra pomice bianca.jpg
Pietra pomice nera.jpg


Soap dish in bamboo and ceramic.

Portasapone bambù.jpg


Espositore Linea Mood.jpg
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