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The African soap Dudu-Osun has always been known for being a source of beauty and well-being.

With multiple uses, it is obtained according to the ancient traditional method, adding the active ingredients only after the saponification process, preserving its quality and effectiveness.


Recognized as a traditional African product, Dudu-Osun black soap from Nigeria is the number one soap in Africa. Prepared with natural ingredients and plants from the tropical forest, it has numerous properties: it improves the appearance and tone of the skin and is useful for fighting acne, dermatitis and dark spots.  It is valid for all skin types.  Without dyes and preservatives, biodegradable.   

Active ingredients: Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Honey, Camwood (Baphia Nitida), Lemon and Lime juices.

ICADA Certified Cosmetic.

Dudu-Osun - Espositore.png
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