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Incense from Auroville

Two names that have always been protagonists of the world of incense and perfumes.

A great success that Himalaya has been offering for years to all lovers of olfactory emotions.



Incensi Bambooless

Himalaya offers the Bambooless incense, a novelty of the Maroma world.
Attention to detail, respect for human and environmental resources, the materials used and natural ingredients free of harmful substances: these have always been the strengths that make Maroma a leader in the sector, synonymous with quality and excellence.

All Maroma products are made in Auroville and contribute to the development of local realities, enhancing human and natural resources, in a safe and peaceful working environment.

The original package contains 20 pure incense, without bamboo stick, with incense holder .

INGREDIENTS: Wood powders, 100% natural fragrance created with natural essential oils.


Fresh and lively, it purifies the air and recharges the atmosphere with positive energy.

It stimulates the balance of being and invites relaxation.

It lifts the spirit and drives away feelings of stress and tension.

A seductive scent that helps remove negative emotions.

Comforting properties that help relieve stress.

Purify and protect the atmosphere.


Promotes concentration and wards off negative thoughts.

It does not contain coal
It does not contain phthalates
Complies with IFRA standards

Duration: 60 minutes

Counter display
(5 pcs x 6 fragrances TOT. 30 pcs )

H 27 cm x W 23.5 cm x D 12.50 cm

Espositore Incensi Bambooless


The handcrafted incense sticks contain the best natural essential oils.
The sticks (10 per pack) burn in about 50 minutes, with a long-lasting fragrance.


In the Encens d'Auroville the bamboo core is not chemically treated and there are no ingredients of animal origin. Furthermore, all the fragrances used are IFRA compliant. The package contains a leaflet, with information on the line and origin of the products, as well as instructions for the consumer.

Sandalwood Powder, Charcoal, Machilus Macrantha Bark Extract, Chemically untreated Bamboo Stick, Fragrance with Natural Essential Oils.


  • Lemon Verbena
  • Myrrh

  • Moss

  • Oceans

  • Opium

  • Patchouli

  • Pine tree

  • Spiritual Perfume

  • Pink

  • Rosewood (Rosewood)

  • White Sage

  • Sandal

  • Green tea

  • Vanilla

  • Vanilla and Orange

  • Vetiver

  • Ylang Ylang

  • Saffron and Patchouli

  • Amber                     

  • Orange and Cinnamon           

  • Benzoin Of Siam           

  • Cinnamon

  • Cypress and Eucalyptus

  • Desert Dunes      

  • Orange flowers    

  • Lotus flower    

  • Frangipani   

  • Jasmine  

  • Juniper

  • Natural incense   

  • Natural Incense and Myrrh

  • The night  

  • Lavender   

  • Lavender and Rosemary   

  • Cedar wood

  • Lemongrass


Espositore Best Sellers

Contained fragrances

in the exhibitor:


- Amber
- Opium
- Natural incense
- Orange and Cinnamon
- Lavender
- Patchouli
- Sandalwood
- Vanilla

Best Sellers counter display
(10 pcs x 8 incense fragrances TOT. 80 pcs )

Yamuna counter display
(10 pcs x 24 incense fragrances TOT. 240 pcs )

H 44 cm x Ø 32 cm

Espositore Yamuna

Floor display
(10 pcs x 50 incense fragrances and 10 pcs x 12 fragrances cones TOT. 620 pcs )

H 186 cm x W 60 cm x D 36 cm


Coni - Ambra.png

The incense cones (10 for each pack) are designed for a shorter but more intense diffusion of the fragrance: they burn in about 20 minutes, compared to the 50 minutes of the sticks.
Unlike sticks, they are purer because they contain neither charcoal nor bamboo wood and have a higher concentration of natural essential oils.

Sandalwood Powder, Machilus Macrantha Bark Extract, Gum Arabica Resin (Senegal Acacia Extract), Natural Essential Oils.


  • Amber

  • Orange and Cinnamon

  • Natural incense

  • The night

  • Lavender

  • Myrrh

  • Opium

  • Patchouli

  • Pink

  • Sandal

Counter display
(5 pcs x 10 fragrances cones TOT. 50 pcs )
L 40 cm x D 18 cm

Incenso in coni - Espositore.png


The great success of Maroma perfumes is proposed by Himalaya in an “oil” version.

Four fragrances (Opium Flowers, Patchouli, Amber and Vanilla) in elegant 10ml packs, to take anywhere!
An oil that is a real perfume concentrate: a few drops will be enough to give you an intense and lasting fragrance.

Profumi in olio Maroma

Perfume display in oil

TOT. 24 pcs (6 pcs x 4 fragrances + free tester)

H 8 cm x W 18.5 cm x D 21.5 cm

Espositore profumi in olio Maroma



Colibrì anti-moth products are realised to fight off insects in a natural way. In the botanical extracts used we can find: Cedar, thyme, vetiver, lemongrass and lavender. Wardrobe sachets have a practical hook that allows them to be easily hanged: their effects lasts 6 months circa. Effective against mould and tobacco’s smells they ensure a refreshing, sanitizing and antibacterial action.

Available fragrances:

- Classic;

- Cedar;

- Lavender.

Sacchetti armadi antitarme Colibrì


The same natural action against moths, characteristic of Colibrì’s products and derived from essential oils and natural resins, is available as well as drawer sachets. Their use is very easy: it’s enough to store them together with linen and clothes to obtain a total protection against moths and a pleasant perfume.
The pack contains 3 sachets.

Available fragrances:

- Classic;

- Cedar;

- Lavender.

Sacchetti cassetti antitarme Colibrì


  Anti-moth mini sachets combine the natural insect-repellent efficiency with a practical reduced format.
The pack contains 5 mini sachets.

Available fragrances:

- Classic;

- Cedar;

- Lavender.

Mini sacchetti antitarme Colibrì


  Fresh shoes sachets were born to bring the properties of Colibì’s line to your shoes. They are made of pure natural essences to refresh, to perfume and disinfect your shoes and your storerooms. They help to prevent mouldy smells with an action that lasts at least 3 months (or longer in closed spaces)

Fresh Shoes Colibrì



The natural action is contained as well in Colibrì spray, created for the body and for rooms. A fresh and delicate formula that, applied on the body, protects it for various hours.  The product, practical and non-bulky, has as well lenitive effects if used after the insect bite. Available in two different fragrances: Classic and Lavender.

Colibrì Spray Corpo.png


 Even the mats are completely natural and long-lasting: they don’t disturb sleep with their refreshing and delicate action, and they grant protection for the whole night. They are available in two fragrances: Classic and Lavender.

Piastrine antizanzare Colibrì


 In the classic and lavender version, Colibrì’s candles are realized with palm oil was and contained in a glass made of recycled glass.

Colibrì candela.png


 Using Colibrì’s incenses is s traditional and suggestive way to fight off mosquito, as they were created especially for that purpose. They are offered in a pack of 10 sticks, each of them lasting one hour.

Sandalwood dust, Charcoal, Machilus Macrantha bark extract, Bamboo stick non chemically treated, Fragrance with natural essential oils.

Colibrì Incenso Classic.png
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