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Himalaya exclusively presents White Sage: the protagonist of ancient rituals capable of purifying environments and improving air quality.


Salvia Bianca.png

"Salvia" in Latin means "the plant that saves life"!
Sage has historically been associated with many rituals. The Romans picked it up by hand, dressed in immaculate white togas, barefoot. Among the Celts, the druids also picked it up with their bare hands, or with a golden sickle: never with a ferrous metal tool. Native Americans, on the other hand, used white sage smoke to purify environments and living beings from any evil spirits or negative energy. White Sage (Salvia Apiana) is a type of sage that grows in deserts and is considered sacred. Traditionally used in purification rituals, it has attracted the attention of several scholars and researchers who have observed the 94% reduction of bacteria in a room treated with an hour of "smudging", ie the burning of aromatic herb sticks. Cleaning the air from bacteria has a big impact on our health, it is known that many diseases are due to mold and bacteria present in our homes or workplaces that we do not notice. The quality of our air and our environments depends on negative ions. Negative ions occur naturally in clean air. Unfortunately, in cities there are fewer and fewer due to smog, household appliances, cell phones and synthetic fabrics. The absence of these ions in the air causes fatigue, depression, allergy, asthma, and a weak immune system. Well, when the White Sage is burned it releases an incredible amount of negative ions!
Usage: take the smudge (this is called the intertwining of leaves) of White Sage, light it and then blow, so that it can release its purifying smoke.


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